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2023 Surf Law


Exciting news awaits all boaters in Utah! In a game-changing move, the state passed a transformative legislation in 2023 that will redefine your boating experience. Specifically, according to line 560 in the Boating Amendment, individuals aged 16 and above can now legally occupy the rear-facing seats of their boats if certain conditions are met. This includes operating at speeds of 15 mph or slower and owning a V drive boat manufactured after July 1, 2017, or having a surf pipe installed, and physically having built in rear facing seats or flip up rear facing seats. So, what does this mean for you? It means that you can now comfortably enjoy the rear seats while your friends are out surfing or simply relish a leisurely cruise (as long as the speed limit is adhered to). We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the bill sponsors, Casey Snider and Curtis Bramble, for their dedicated efforts and the Senate for unanimously passing the bill. A special thanks also goes to Governor Cox for signing it into law. Lastly, we want to express our personal appreciation to Senator Bramble for his unwavering commitment to boater safety, and family time. Get ready to hit the lake and seize these newfound freedoms!

Read the exact wording below:


560          (ii) An individual may sit on a backward-facing stern seat of a v-drive vessel while an
561     individual is behind the vessel if:
562          (A) the vessel is a v-drive vessel with the propeller underneath the vessel;
563          (B) the individual sitting in the seat is 16 years old or older;
564          (C) the vessel is operating at less than 15 miles per hour; and
565          (D) the vessel’s engine is built on or after July 1, 2017, or the vessel has installed a surf
566     pipe or other extended exhaust system that puts exhaust in the water while under power.

If you have any questions feel free to Call us to see if your boat meets the standards or can be retrofit to meet the standards

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