Tips on How To Stay Safe on Utah Lakes

Lake Safety is your Biggest Priority

This Year with Lowered Water Levels in our Major Lakes we are seeing an increase in Prop and Gel-Coat Repair. To Raise Awareness of the Safety that is needed to Keep your Family Safe we Created a Blog with our 5 Tips on How to Stay Safe on our Utah Lakes.

Picking the Perfect Line for your Activity

Whether you are Wakesurfing or Wakeboarding Choosing the Perfect Line will allow you to be confident you aren’t in rocky territory. Find a Line you want to Preform your Activity and Scout it at a Slow Speed this will assure you of no hidden obstacles. Once you Found the Perfect Line you can use your Map on our MasterCraft Intuitive Display to Record your Line so you can always be on track allowing for slim chances of drifting away from your original path.

Keep your Eye on the Line

While Driving during a Water Sport you want to keep your Head Straight. With our Lakes getting Busier and Busier it’s Important to Keep your Eye on the Line. With our New MasterCraft Towers, we have Rear-Facing Cameras to Allow you to keep your Head Straight but still be aware of your rider. No more looking Back or Mirror with the Rear-Facing Camera you are in touch with your Surroundings.

Keep your Music on Auto Volume

Riders go down and down all the time! Keeping your Boat’s Music on Auto Volume Prevents one less distraction for you as a driver and will keep you focused on getting back to your rider in a responsible matter. We are the Master when it comes to Software to keep you Safe! Auto Volume on our MasterCraft has multiple options to make sure it does the Correct Adjustment when you get off the Throttle.

Never Get Lost Again

Finding your way around our Bigger Lakes like Lake Powell, Flaming Gorge, and Bear Lake can be scary. We use our Supplied GPS Installed on Most MasterCraft Models to Route us back home. No more need to carry around a huge map or find Landmarks as Waypoints. Our Newest GPS System will Route you Home Similar to Google Maps! This will allow you to Explore the Unknown without becoming Unknown.