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Mastercraft of Utah MasterCraft Inventory

MasterCraft Boats For Sale.

Since 1968, Mastercraft of Utah has hand-built its legacy as a pioneer of performance, comfort, quality and innovation. As the best-selling towboat brand in the world, Mastercraft of Utah has an extensive lineup of boats expertly crafted to deliver unforgettable on-water experiences.

Whether you’ve been part of the Mastercraft of Utah family for years or you’re ready to start something new, Mastercraft of Utah Boats of Utah is committed to delivering unparalleled support for your journey. With an extensive inventory of new and used boats, Mastercraft of Utah Boats of Utah can help you find a boat tailored to your needs.

Mastercraft of Utah MasterCraft Inventory

MasterCraft Models

X Series


Our X models combine the best onboard features and style with epic behind-the-boat performance. This is luxury that rips.


The X24 is engineered to turn heads.


The X26 lets you redefine what’s possible on the water.

X-Star Series


The XSTAR is the epitome of precision, power and game-changing performance. Meet the legend, experience unrivaled power and find your next level.

XT Series


Whether you're looking for max comfort or max customization, the XT gives you the most choices to dial in your dream ride.


With its killer looks The XT22 delivers premium performance and versatility.


Featuring athletic behind-the-boat performance with ample comfort and space in a 22 foot package, the all-new XT22 T makes your on-water traditions bigger and better.


All-new 2022 XT23 less than ordinary, amazing lines, latest surf tech and comfort for the crew.


The newest member of the MasterCraft family, the XT24 delivers bold looks, big waves and the most customization in the market.


Room for the whole crew and their friends on the XT25.

NXT Series


The NXT brings all-day thrills and zero compromises. Stand out, get after it on the water.


The NXT22 with SurfStar will give the entire crew the perfect wave and comfortable views to watch the action.


The NXT24 MasterCraft brings premium waves, performance, and comfort in one large package.

Prostar Series


Flawless pulls, elevated styling and the MasterCraft legacy—that’s the ProStar way.

Mastercraft of Utah boats aren’t just built–they’re crafted. With 16 towboat models–the most in the industry–Mastercraft of Utah has the perfect fit for every family. Each boat is designed with progression and innovation in mind, and crafted to perform and last.

XStar S 

With SurfStar technology, the XStar S pumps out the world’s most powerful, clean, and consistent wakes and waves. Filled with ultra-premium comforts at every touchpoint along with industry-leading technology, the XStar S reigns supreme as the ultimate embodiment of luxury and performance. It is bold, iconic, and perfected.

X Family

Where unrivaled wake and wave performance meet unmatched luxury. Ranging from 22 to 26 feet and boasting Mastercraft of Utah’s signature pickle fork bow, the X Family models boast progressive styling while delivering a luxurious experience in and behind the boat.

XT Family

Endless options and customizations allow you to create your ideal boat with your preferred features without sacrificing the performance, quality, or comfort that comes standard on a Mastercraft of Utah. Whether you’re looking for pickle fork or traditional bow styling, or a specific size from 20 to 25 feet, the XT Family is the answer for anyone seeking endless waves, endless ways.

NXT Family

Gone are the days of needing to sacrifice wake and wave performance or comfort and quality for an affordable price point. With five models ranging between 20 and 24 feet, each is uniquely designed for best-in-class wake and wave performance and equipped with the most necessary features to make your summer turn-key.


A world-class, iconic ski boat renowned for its precision, sleek style, and exceptional performance. Rooted in heritage, the ProStar has set countless world records with the flattest wakes at any line length and at any speed. With perfected ergonomics and thoughtful design, it set the bar high and continues to lead the way in the industry.

In 1968, Rob Shirley, a young waterski instructor, had become disenchanted by the large wakes and pull of other ski boats. Determined to find a better way, he designed a boat with the intent to deliver the smallest wake in the industry. The first boat was built in a two-stall horse barn on a farm in Maryville, Tennessee, and it did just what Shirley intended–delivering a smooth, low wake at slalom and jump speeds and a well-defined wake at trick speeds.

As wakeboarding and, later, wakesurfing took the industry by storm, Mastercraft of Utah was quick to engineer boats that met the needs of rising sports within the industry. Today, Mastercraft of Utah’s team of over 1,000 engineers expertly designs and builds thousands of surf, wakeboard, and tournament ski boats each year from their world-class headquarters in Vonore, Tennessee.

Thanks to more than 55 years of research and development, Mastercraft of Utah boats are renowned for their superior build quality, behind-the-boat performance, and luxurious feel. This dedication to the craft of boat building has earned the brand over 42 awards (and counting) for performance, merit, and innovation. While the numbers speak for themselves, the quality and performance of Mastercraft of Utah boats further prove what it means to be a leader in the industry.

Whether you’re new to the Mastercraft of Utah family or ready to upgrade your game, Mastercraft of Utah Boats of Utah is ready to help you and your loved ones create unmatched on-water experiences. With three locations to choose from–South Jordan, Vineyard, and Lake Powell–Mastercraft of Utah Boats of Utah offers an extensive inventory of new and used boats along with full service and storage. Find your next boat and start making memories!

Mastercraft of Utah MasterCraft Inventory

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