About Mastercraft of Utah

Welcome To Mastercraft Boats of Utah

MasterCraft Boats of Utah  is part of the #1 MasterCraft dealer group in the world. Our dealerships span the West,and we have several locations in Utah.

As part of the #1 MasterCraft dealer group in the world, you can expect the best MasterCraft prices and discounts, as well as unbelievable customer service at any location you chose to visit. No one else can give you a better price on MasterCraft’s than we can.

Boating time is precious time. We don’t want you to stress about anything so MasterCraft Boats of Utah has 3 locations to more conveniently serve you! We bring you the same superior craftsmanship, impeccable customer service and knowledgeable staff to Mastercraft Boats of Utah in South Jordan and Utah County as well as MasterCraft Lake Powell in Page Arizona.


MasterCraft Boats of Utah prides itself on going above and beyond when it comes to providing a memorable experience for our customers. Ranked in the top ten for both customer satisfaction and boat sales year after year, MasterCraft Boats of Utah will help you have the best experience both in the store and on the water.

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used boat, come and see for yourself why MasterCraft Boats of Utah can’t be beaten. With a boat to meet each customer’s needs and experienced,professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff, MasterCraft Boats of Utah is the boating headquarters for Utah.

Recognized for quality in manufacturing, as well as performance,MasterCraft boats offer a wide range of options. MasterCraft is all we do.